Stay in the game!

Automate the collection of spare change round-ups and/or dedicate a percentage of your bank deposits to fund your favorite sportsbook or casino accounts with DraftFuel.

Your Dedicated Gaming Fund!

DraftFuel keeps your gaming funds separate from your bill money.

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Set Aside The Smart Money!

By using round-ups from purchases you make everyday or a fixed percentage of bank deposits, you can set aside predetermined amounts of money that can be used on any online gaming platform like DraftKings®, FanDuel®, Barstool Sportsbook®, BetMGM® and more!

DraftFuel was created to give you a tool to empower responsible gaming. Set aside the smart money and regulate your gaming budget.

Boost Your Bankroll.

The adrenaline pumps a little more. The game means a little more. Even if it’s just the last leg of that $5 parlay. It’s not all about the money. You love the excitement. The possibilities. It’s about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Do you feel a rush of adrenaline from betting—but dread the risk of losing it all? Just because you’re not out on the field, doesn’t mean you can’t have a stake in the action. With the DraftFuel Discover® Prepaid Card, you have flexibility to control your budget and play within your means.

No 'Mo FOMO.

Have a bit of skin in the game! By linking your existing bank account or debit cards to the app, you can use your DraftFuel Discover® Prepaid Card to accumulate spare change that you can use to fund your favorite online sportbook or casino account. Add even more fuel to your online gaming funds with round-up multipliers and a set percentage of bank deposit transfers.

Go All In On DraftFuel!

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How Does It Work?

Connect Your Account

While the app doesn’t directly interface with any gaming platform, links within our app will direct you, via a web browser, to your preferred sportsbook provider where you can easily enter and save your DraftFuel Discover® Prepaid Card information to fund those gaming accounts through a purchase transaction.

Fund Your Account

DraftFuel rounds up your purchases to help you set aside funds for online gaming. You also have the flexibility to transfer a fixed % of bank deposits, so you can manage your bankroll wisely.

Play A Better Way

Our app provides you with the odds offered through various gaming operators, so that you can compare and decide where you want to play.

Track Your Activity

View all load and spend activity within the app to manage your bankroll effectively.

Peace of Mind. The Rush of Playing.

DraftFuel provides a secure platform for bankroll management that may help you regulate your online gaming budget. We protect your account with two-factor authentication (2FA) and your data with 128-bit encryption.


Use the fingerprint scanning capabilities of your smartphone for faster and more secure access.

Virtual card

Your DraftFuel Discover® Prepaid Card will remain secure within the DraftFuel app.

SSL encryption

Your data is safe with us. We enforce strict 128-bit encryption and never store your bank login info.

About Us

We are a startup in the financial technology sector that solves a real problem in the gaming industry, the stigma of betting and people’s natural fear of losing money. DraftFuel checks off both. Read more about why co-founders Tom Mangan & Alex Cullingford are working so hard to bring responsible gaming to the people.

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