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DraftFuel is a new app* that allows you to fund your sportsbook, online casino, and daily fantasy sports accounts without breaking the bank!

Why DraftFuel?

DraftFuel provides a secure platform for bankroll management that helps you regulate your online gaming budget. We protect your account with two-factor authentication (2FA) and your data with 128-bit encryption. Responsible and accessible gaming is just a click away.

Our Story.

Our story began on Saturday, July 6th, 2019. The same day UFC 239 took place. The main event that night was John Jones vs Thiago Santos for the Light Heavyweight Championship. Earlier that day I was on the beach with friends and family when my friend had mentioned how he wanted to place a bet on John Jones that night. But that his wife was not a fan of sports betting, as she thought it was an improper use of their family’s money.

At this point in time, I was already familiar with spare change round-up apps that allowed users to allocate their spare change for savings or investing, and for whatever reason, that idea came to mind. So I explained the concept to his wife. Then I asked if she would mind if every time she swiped her debit card to pay for something that the spare change from those purchases could be collected for her husband to place bets with? She thought about it for a few seconds… then replied, “that would be fine”. And just like that, she was sold on the idea of responsible gaming through the use of “found money”. It was this shift in perspective that helped her to realize that gaming was not a bad thing if their potential loss was limited to controlled, nominal amounts of money.

Responsible Gaming Is Just A Click Away.

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