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Sports Betting Basics Ep. 5 – The Over-Under


What’s the Over-Under?

Anyone that’s been remotely close to a kickoff, tip-off or first pitch has heard the question “What’s the over-under?” when it comes to sports betting. What does that question actually pertain to though?

It’s pretty simple. With an over-under bet, there will be a sole number to bet off of, which is the total final score of both teams combined. Let’s use the Eagles and Green Bay example again and say the over-under is 48 total points. 

If their combined score is higher than that number (say, Eagles 24, Green Bay 27 for a total of 51 combined points), those who “took the over” would win. If it’s lower than 48 (example: Eagles 21 Green Bay 14 for a total of 35 combined points), those who “took the under” would win the bet.

Along with all other types of bets, there will still be odds attached to an over-under bet. Similar to the spread bet, you’ll typically get “close to even” odds on the over-under. So, -110 means you bet $110 and with a win, receive $100. 

So why bet on the over-under?

There are several different reasons that people make over-under bets. Some have a knack for fantasy football knowledge and can predict a high or low scoring game due to defensive talent, caliber of quarterbacks, receiving yardage and several other variables. Others may not want to bet on their favorite team winning or losing but still have some skin in the game. This is a great option for those fearful of “jinxing your squad”.

Watch Episode 5 below where Alex & Ron from DraftFuel discuss how the over under works with the novice sports bettor in mind.

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