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Sports Betting Basics Ep. 8 – Prop Bets


What is a Prop Bet?

The “prop bet” has been somewhat of an emerging type of trend that we’re seeing in the online sportsbook and gaming world. It’s a really cool, interesting kind of bet that can include a bit more whimsical nature than other standard bets.

“Prop bet” is short for proposition bet and simply means that you bet on an individual outcome within the game. You’re proposing that something specific is going to happen. You’ve probably heard of someone betting on the outcome of the coin toss at the Super Bowl, and that’s one good example.

Other examples of prop bets can be something along the lines of, “I bet Joel Embiid will score more than 30 points tonight” or “I bet Miles Sanders will score the first touchdown of the game”. The possibilities are fairly endless and the payout can be super rewarding depending on the likelihood of your proposition. 

People who have decent fantasy sports knowledge can benefit when it comes to making prop bets. If you see that a quarterback has gone for 250 yards + in the last few games, and you know he’s going up against a weak defense this week, you may want to make a prop bet that he’ll go over 300 yards. 

Now, with prop bets on sportsbooks, they’re not quite moving those lines around as much. For a regular game bet, they’re going to adjust the line around because if they see a lot of people betting in one direction, they’ll probably have to adjust the line a little bit. They’re less likely to do it with prop bets. So again for anybody new who’s played fantasy sports or is new to betting, it’s a good place to start.

This is a good way to include a little bit more action in a game you may already be betting and bonus; you don’t need to spend a ton of money to win big on some prop bets.

Watch Episode 8 with Alex & Ron from DraftFuel where they discuss prop bets with the novice sports bettor in mind.

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