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Sports Betting Basics Ep 1 – The Psychology of Sports Betting


The Psychology of Sports Betting


Why do people bet on sports?

The rush? The FOMO? Most often, it’s to win money.

These are definitely some of the biggest contributing factors and related to what motivates people to bet on sports and more. And with it being so accessible nowadays, making bets from your couch, it is important to understand these factors in order to enjoy responsible gaming. DraftFuel was created with all of these factors in mind, allowing people to have skin in the game without the fear of losing it all.

Responsible gaming is not just about wagering conservatively. It is also important to stick to what you know. Not a big hoops head? Maybe it’s best to stay clear of the NBA playoff action. Haven’t done enough research about this week’s slate of football games? Don’t feel like you HAVE to place a bet. Every coach tells their players to play smart and that’s how you should approach sports betting.

Sports wagering, like sports themselves, is meant to be fun. Everyone knows the feeling of watching your favorite team trudge through a losing season. But at the end of the season, you know you’ll be back next year, rooting your team on. Sports betting should feel the same. Betting responsibly allows you to have skin in the game while knowing that even if you lose, you’ll be able to take another shot at it.

Watch Episode 1 of Sports Betting Basics, where Alex and Ron discuss their personal history with betting and how DraftFuel was created with the experienced and novice bettor in mind.


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