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Sports Betting Basics Ep. 7 – What Is A Teaser?


What is a Teaser?

Teaser wagers are a bit more advanced when it comes to sports betting action, but can be rewarding and provide quite the rush on game day. If you’re looking for options to broaden the types of bets you can make, this option can be very valuable when executed mindfully. 

So, what exactly is a teaser?

A teaser is when you take two (or more) spread bets and “tease” them out. Here’s an example: Let’s say there’s an Atlanta/LA Rams game with the Rams favored by -7 and an Eagles/Green Bay game with Green Bay favored by -7. If you think both favorites are going to win, you have the option to “tease it”, where you can move that line closer to an “even money bet”. 

So, let’s say you like both Green Bay and the Rams to win by more than seven points. You can tease these two lines to where the Packers may only have to win by one point, likewise for the Rams, and you likely get an even money bet. That’s an example of what a teaser bet is; it allows you to get to a price with which you’re comfortable.

Keep in mind that the odds won’t be as good as a straight best against the spread. If you parlay in this situation, you’re going to get much better odds. But by teasing it, you increase the likelihood that you’ll win, and probably get even money odds at the end of the day.

A teaser by default is 6 points but that can be adjusted to your liking. You could play it somewhere in the middle and say, “Hey, I’m going to move this line to where both teams only have to win by 4” and you’re likely getting around +150, which are still good odds. In the teaser, you’re going to have multiple options and can have the ability to adjust accordingly.

The popularity of the teaser bet is somewhat a result of where the industry has gone in the past few years and where legal and online sportsbooks are headed. It gives bettors more and more options to wager on anything, in practically any way. It allows you to have a lot more flexibility in how you want to affect your odds, to get them as close to a guaranteed win as you think possible.

Watch Episode 7 below with Alex & Ron from DraftFuel as they discuss how a teaser works with the novice sports bettor in mind.

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